All I Ask

According to me (as implied..),

If you’re born with greater vulnerability to emotional pain, And especially if that pain has been exacerbated by bullying, You’ll be far more susceptible to block it out with destructive means, Since that seems to be what’s most conveniently available,

After years of isolation, due to not finding comfort in enough social situations, Some may emotionally break, and wind up on medication,

Some may excessively turn to fast food and sugar as pleasure to escape from all that obsessive-depressive-compulsive torture,

Some may go to the bar and kill brain cells to kill their anxiety that was made worse by judgmental society,

If you’re desperate to fit in, If you’ve got discouraged due to feeling like you can’t properly follow your wellness practice such as meditation, Alcohol may numb the pain of rejection, It doesn’t surprise me, That us on the “spectrum”, according to an article I read.. Have a far less life expectation, (note: I didn’t bother citing it since it’s easy to find proof of it if you Google it..)

I’ll stay in the game, But when will there be less pain? Maybe some won’t like my “victim mentality”, but due to my experiences.. This doesn’t surprise me as reality..

I don’t intend to make anyone feel guilty, Honestly, I am on the “higher” end of the “spectrum”, so possibly I may not have to worry as immensely..? But honestly.. a lot of what I’ve been dealing with.. I’d love to live without,

As of now, As of where I’ve been internally, That has influenced my behavior and decision making frequently, all I ask for, Is empathy

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