Attack of the Zachs

When I make an unintentional mistake it’s because I was unaware, And if someone angrily and aggressively corrects me, I have often assumed they “knew that I knew what to do”, but I was just being “lazy”, “unintentionally stupid” which made them irritated.. YA..

I struggle with patience myself since I try to be perfect but I’m not a perfectly made and functional robot as far as I’m aware.. Huh..

My emotions and empathy become too tight and heavy that I just want to sometimes inhale and exhale them away so they never come back..

My name is “Zach” and I’m often called “Zach attack” same as other Zach, Zack, Zac or Zaks.. One time on a social media group called “The council of Zachs” I asked in “status” form,

“How many of you Zachs have been called ‘Zach Attack?’” Some were annoyed since the answer apparently seemed to be a stupid, obvious “yes”, Some shared other common rhythmical Zach related terms of endearment from non-Zachs, and some just went on the attack such as asking..


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