Harmless Catharsis

If someone asks me if I’m alright, I try witnessing, untangeling, and cleansing, while loosening my emotional energy, so their fearful emotions won’t try to wrongly restrain, kill or maim me,

There seems to be a lot of inadequately conscious pretentious assumptions, Yes, I’m aware that’s just my present assumption and I forgive you, assuming my assumption about what some of you were assuming is true..? I can simultaneously preach and not be in alignment such as telling others to stop assuming with them then saying “that’s what you’re doing”.. since I was unconsciously assuming what they were assuming.. as for another way of describing,

I may have been sleep deprived, I may have came from work, I may keep my belongings on me, Incase while waiting for a ride home on a sunny day in a place like a big city such as wearing my hat backwards indoors so the brim is completely out of my face so I can see the larger picture when conversing or undergoing questioning, and I can choose to practice not negatively, physically harmfully reacting to whatever I may assume others assume about me regardless of how much they assume or say they “know” me.. Even if readers judge my writing with their own surface level advanced elaborate logic, I can decide to remain focused on what’s most important and ideally pragmatic, Incase they take out of context or misunderstand my harmless catharsis,

I can still find my way out of brutal presence by doing all I know, then discovering as I go, more acceptance, for higher tolerance

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