Ya Know

Ya know??
There’s always some other person, people, or multiple beings.. (if not the same (or both))
Who always are causing me some shit,
Regardless of how much they’re intending it..
But really..
I just don’t want more pressure to write about it,
Because I already wrote so,
so much,
and it just piles up and gets disorganized in my Google docs..
Ya know??

Ya know..?
I’ve written about enough,
And having more provocative, and/or painful experiences that I don’t want to stress about HAVING to share or put out there,
Is VERY rough,
Ya know??

I know..
I know..

Ya know..?
This world for me,
Has felt hard enough,
But as I said in my poem titled “Always More”,
There will just be more,
Ya know??

And I hope to respond in ways that don’t feel as painful as before,
Ya know??

I know..

Ya know..?

And while writing this,
I feel pressured to say “ya know” a certain amount of times,
Which just inhibits my creative expression and doesn’t make me feel as good about me crafting my writing creation,
Since the requirements distract my attention..


I met two “requirements” by self-analyzing my struggles,
I talked about obsessively wanting to say “ya know” a certain number of times and rhetorically said or asked it again to emphasize the effect like what I’m about to do again..


I know..

At least somehow, Ya know

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