(Sorry if I screwed any posting up due to technical difficulties, not understanding how to turn off “autosave” or whatever..)


If my behavior changes and/or,
If I change my behavior,
To whatever degree,
and say,
To whatever degree I say “it’s for the better”,
They may still feel I’m not well and I’m like..
“oh well”..
What can I do..?

They have more power than me,
I’ll never give up,
But I’ll just once again,
relax and wait for an end,
or adequate decrease..
of the painful intensity..

I’m now waiting for this obsessive feeling,
Which manifests in over explaining such as excessively,
Feeling a need to explicitly or implicitly state,
Or repeat,
What I don’t NEED to repeat,

Regardless of whatever,
Regardless of how it manifests as whatever

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