Remaining Up

I always assume,
No matter what any others have, is or will be experiencing,
“I’m the one who is in ‘greater pain’”,
“That I’m one who is more unhappy, more stressed, less peaceful, and somehow in an inevitable ‘deeper’ struggle”..

And among all else I unawarely assume that fills me with more unwanted negativity..
I assume others don’t like me,
Because when they “sense my uncomfortable energy”,
They “gravitate away from me”,
So they “don’t become like me”,
So they “don’t become less peaceful, more stressed and unhappy”..

With all else that gives me negativity,

My assumptions are still not positively serving me,

And now,
After this post I have met my obsessive compulsive goal of uploading “adequately over 100 posts”,
Which yes,
I still have so much more that I wrote before these recent posts that I was more excited, and still excited to post..
But well,

This is me failing to resist OCD,
Hence making it worse,

Even though I have LOTS of revising to do and..
Even though I may sometimes TOO frequently,
Give in,
I will NEVER,
Give up,

My spirit still reasonably,
remains up

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