Just One Outlet

I’m NOT looking for difficult experiences to have “more material to write about”..


Writing is just one chosen outlet,
I use to heal,
To get it out,
So I don’t lose it,
By exploding over all my suppressed,
painful inner bullshit,

In these posts,
Although I didn’t post short stories with dialogue about it,

I still said enough about it,
And although I like writing as one of many outlets,
As for bad experiences,
I’ll still try to keep responding as safe as I can to whatever comes,

I’ll try to react less negatively to others painful energy,
I have my last post saved,
But got a little paranoid if I was being to judgmental,


I am certainly NOT looking for more bad experiences so I have “stuff to write about”,
In my opinion,
Yes ..
Due to my paranoid self,
Assuming how others may assume the context,
Assuming it may cause them to “hate me”,
Instead of realizing I was just trying to express how I struggle daily,
And didn’t mean to attack personally,

Yes.. exactly,

I know,
Even on this blog I explained and talked about more than enough painful,
Bad experiences,
And yes ..
I have short stories,
which I haven’t shared yet ..

Regarding bad experiences,

Once again,
I am,

I’m looking to heal it,
To cleanse it,

To move past it..

along with many,
Were born into some form of the bullshit,
I struggle to join with others to handle it..

Although I reluctantly deal with it,
I won’t ever quit

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