More Satisfied

Although I have a lot of blessings,
That have been and are still passing,
Without me getting to experience,
Due to passing through “trauma” and feeling “overly” entitled,

Resulting in feeding OCD..
Which is another difficulty,
As those who reads my writing know,
I’ve mentioned frequently,

I can still become more satisfied,
Without being close to perfectly satisfied..

I can still,
Become more comfortable,
With unmet expectations,
Being in the background of my awareness,
Since I can’t currently expect them,
To completely vanish,

As for expectations,
As for ego,
Even though,
My ego has been talking about ego..

Well.. as many seem to say..

“I don’t know”?

Speaking from my imagination,
Strong temptations,
Believe I must “choose a different ‘direction’”,

As through life I go,

But often the “crossroads” feel negative,
Ya know?

I guess..
If I seek deeply,

The “true” direction,

Even if I don’t trust those who might be conditioning and watching everyone online.. ?
Like sending us what we research in whatever time?

I guess what I have to say is,
May we pay attention to the interconnected equation,
So we can help ourselves and all sentient others,
In a more positive direction,


One thought on “More Satisfied

  1. You are a very caring, good person, Zach. May we all be thankful that you let us know your thoughts and struggles. May we all want what is good, like you do. I especially like this that you wrote in this post; and declare it is my intent in life, too: “So we can help ourselves and all sentient others,
    In a more positive direction,”


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