Know What I Mean?

If all this,
Or all my,
or emotional “fatigue”
(“empathy fatigue” is a phase I did not create..)
is soul depriving,


I still believe that,
There’s never a point of,
“no return”,

I have a belief that,
Leading to,
Clear experience,
May “always return”,

I put quotes around any written material,
I assume,
That others may assume out of context,
Accuse me of “plagiarism”,

I fear others asking me questions such as..
“Well.. since you didn’t film your writing.. then how do we know that you ‘wrote’ it..”
Which seems to create an even greater unnecessary need for technological espionage..
Get it ?

I try making what I express as NUANCED as possible,
So finding the essentials in a bunch of words is less of a struggle,

In my belief,
Regardless of how long it went unchecked,
Robotic unconsciousness,
Is never,

I hope and wish,
And have been trying to,
my mechanisms on becoming more equanimous,
(such as showing up for a more consistent routine),

I can still fill in the blanks more and more of this post,
But as for the subtle details,

Do you know what I mean ?

If not..

No worries

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