While on the retail floor,
Condensing items on another day,
I see and hear a young girl,
As she strolls behind her mom (or caretaker),

As the girl cries,
walking behind the mother pushing the cart,
The mother says,
“It’s your fault”,
Then the girl’s crying continues,
While the mother’s stern emotional numbness continues,

In my belief,
It’s NOT the girl’s fault,
For being at the stage of development she’s at,

In my belief,
Whatever we do,
At whatever age,
Is on the surface,
Is shaped,
By our innate predispositions,
in combination,
with life environmental experience (such as awareness of and types of support..),
And does NOT,
indicate any significant level of,
True essence,

Although I don’t know the context,
Unlike the opinion of a spokesperson,
Who I spoke to at the college I went to,
Who was promoting his “Westboro Baptist Church”..
on “Sin awareness day”,

Since he was saying we as children,
“start out evil”,
I have to say that,
Although children may have less awareness,
and less ability for self-control,
I do NOT believe that children are “evil”,

To say it again,
In my belief,
Children’s actions,
Largely result,
From their stage of development,
In combination,
With influencing forces,
From all of their external environment,
Like the example he used,
If they,
“eat something they ‘know they’re not supposed to’”,
Calling them “evil”,
Or saying humans “start off as ‘evil’”,
In my belief,
Is NOT a way to describe it..
And as he said after I asked “why?”
By saying,
“Because it’s in the book”,
Dismisses any further discussion regarding it,

Saying “it’s in the book”,
Does not help lead me,
To any understanding why many would believe that,
Aside from that closed-minded beliefs,
Take away pressure,
If not, a fun spirit of exciting adventure,
For discovering more,

Since in my opinion,
Ignorance does NOT guarantee “bliss”..
The less ignorant we are,
The more aware we may be,
Of how much more fulfillingly we may be able to experience existence,

Saying “we stare off as evil ‘because it ‘says it in the book’’”,
Dismisses that,
At stages of development,
We have not yet developed levels of rational,
ethical control,
And throughout life,
The environments we remain in,
Will shape our ability to cultivate that,
Hence just saying “it’s just ‘evil’”,
Offers no clear,
Offers no adequate deeper needed understanding for teaching needed behavior,
Believing in dualistic,
Surface level “moral certainty” of “good and evil”, is toxic and limits,
In my belief,
Our thinking and awareness ability,

The more we conveniently reinforce simplistic,
Dualistic views,
The more unconscious and numb,
We become,

In my belief,
Decisions (or choices) we make,
Result from our inner FOUNDATIONAL,
Ability to make decisions (or choices),
Which was developed,
By environmental experiences,
And influences we had throughout our life,

Since doing what is “good”,
May feel good,
Regardless of our actual ability to do good,
When we’re rationally aware,
I believe we all want to do good,
Aside from,
Knowing we’re doing good may make us feel more of what we want to feel.. which is.. more “good”, or better.. yes..

But whatever we do,
I believe that,
It’s only the surface,
Of who we really are,
So we can’t be judged,
By actions we do on the surface,
Since our true essence,
Is far deeper,
Is far greater,

I highly doubt,
That the girl would be able to comprehend,
why her mom would say,
“It’s your fault”,

Of course,
Wherever internally the mother is at,
In my belief..
It’s too bad she didn’t cleanse her frustration,
And maybe instead,
She could have said,
to her daughter (as I assume),
Something like “it’s okay”,
In a gentle way,
At least in that moment,
Her daughter’s development could continue in a clearer way,
Instead of, (as I understand..)


Instead of being shamed for something she couldn’t yet understand,
Etc, etc,

I believe that many,
Including the mom,
Including the man promoting the Westboro Baptist Church,
Struggle in various ways I can’t see,

And aside from my beliefs,
From what I witnessed on the surface,
Understandable reasons for why we do what we do,
To whatever rational or irrational extents,
May be greater understood or felt,
Far underneath,
or somehow far beyond,
The surface in which we see them to whatever extent in our day to day lives,
on TV,
In history books,
News articles,
Etc, Etc..

Maybe I can’t describe this,
Or maybe words can’t either,
For one,
We hear words as sound,
On the surface,

Words are just letters,
The surface of describing parts,
levels (etc.),
of emotions,
Present conclusions,
What we believe to be basic understandings,
or profound realizations,


Regarding who I assume to be the mom,
Regarding the fanatical preacher..
Although I can’t always take in too much bad energy,
I don’t try to judge surfacely,
And yes,
Finding a suitable,
Equanimous middle,
In my belief obviously..
Ongoing practice sufficiently consistently,

But what concerns me,
To different levels,
And sometimes makes me painfully,
Paranoid unexpectedly,

Is the foundation,
For sustaining and/or advancing,
Or I guess,
Sufficiently peaceful,
Internally equanimous,

What is said to be “free”,
Often isn’t according to me,
Among many,

Since in my belief,
Our internal experiences,
Are foundational,
For external society..
Since it seems,
The internal is the roots of the external,

How the most who were raised,
Who underlie,
Or who are the “driving force”,
The most operation,
And function,
In the world society,
First came into being,
After they were born into this physical form,
And influenced (as well),
From their experiences,
Starting of course..
After birth and when they were very young,

Seemingly according to me,
How we treat our young,
Influences the future foundation,
Regarding functional civilization,

Regardless that everyone is freely entitled to their beliefs,
Regardless that I believe there’s always more to know,
And (seemingly, according to me) that we “can’t fully know everything”,

in my belief,
enforcing beliefs or punishing those who “don’t believe” (or share beliefs),
SHUTS DOWN any room for new belief..
I would like to share my belief that,
“Needing” to “fear” God implies that God is a “separate entity” who must me “worshipped” which does NOT align with DEMOCRATIC values,

In my belief..
I just want to say it,
Even if for this post it’s “not appropriate”..
I just want to share my belief that,
I believe,
God is intended,
As a life force in which we are and exist as physical manifestations as “waves” of this life force (God)..
So.. it (God) is intended..
To keep us in touch,
With true infinite different forms,
Of everlasting power,
For internally bettering ourselves,
And therefore,
Functioning better externally,

Belief systems may have formed from common experiences and hallucinations?
Will I get sucked into what I now believe as delusions,
I don’t know,
And as for what’s really,
Do enough,

To say it again..
Does an adequate amount,
of beings know what is adequately true?

As for the title,
And my belief(s)..
How we are feeling in the internal,
Is foundational,
Is the foundation,
For our actions,
And energy,
That to some individual degree,
Influence whatever is functional (regardless why it is and how ethical),

So I guess it’s a simple equation,
That the better we cultivate our inner foundation,
Since birth,

The better we cultivate and sustain important,
needed inner development,
Which underlies (in my belief),
All external levels of coexisting,
Interdependent functioning,

The more fulling experiences we can attain,
In the physical environment we experience and are part of,
As our own manifestation from total life consciousness..

Many may categorize this simplistically as “new age” and dismiss this unapologetically, confidently abrasive (or I guess..),

But in a nutshell,
The equation seems that,

The better we internally are,
The better we externally function,

Or that the more stable we are internally,
The more stable our foundation is externally,
Our internal awareness,
External functioning,
External existence,

So I believe in,
Everlasting awareness,
For the internal,


I have more to say,

I want to emphasize that,
With all the fear,
That power feeds off of,
Since fearful people,
Are desperate to be protected,
Whether it’s rational,
Unconscious and brainwashed,
By fearful people in power,
Who fear vulnerability,
Who believe in brutality,
World dominance,
and thought control,
Such as by telling the public that “they must follow what they say in order to stay safe from ‘evil’”,
Is a way of obsessively trying to avoid disorder,
By sustaining hierarchy and order,
By sustaining ignorance,
Through others who can’t see thought control since their thoughts have been controlled for them to not see it,
And since their ignorance,
Fear based apathy,
Prevents them from becoming informed of everlasting possible fulfilling ways of experiencing wherever in the present,
As they consume to fill their void,

In order to NOT become excessively materialistic,
In order to NOT become excessively nihilistic,
must AVOID fanatical,
however delusional alternative ideologies and/or ways of existence..
That form,
of off irrationally disproportionate fear,
As well,

(Well.. aside from my (belief (or ideology)), regarding needing to avoid destructive beliefs and/or ideologies.. Especially by realizing if our alternative is worse, different but no better, or.. advancing and HEALING (for example))

So in my belief,
NOT turning to fearfully,
“control the external”,
But cultivating peace and equanimity in the INTERNAL,


In my belief,


Whatever facts, information, understandings and beliefs we take in,
My hope is that,
Our inner awareness will be sufficient developed as an adequate FOUNDATION,
To fruitfully,
Or heal,
Whatever part or parts we can,
Of the micro and/or macro world suffering and/or dysfunction,

In my belief,

Inner awareness,

Is a crucial,


As for this post,
Instead of being sidetracked by particular political issues,
What is the heart of all issues,
What is the driving underlying force,
That needs healing,

What is it,

Regardless of our beliefs in “going about it”,
Regardless of our beliefs in “facilitating it”,
“It” being inner discovery or ongoing enlightenment,
To heal society or whatever environment,
We’re grappling with,
In the present (for example)..
I believe we must remain COGNIZANT,
(Which (based on my understanding), essentially means “aware”.. Yet somewhat rhymes on it’s last syllable with the word environment (?)),
Of the dominant,

How does our inner foundation,
Need to heal or cleanse,
To therefore further heal and cleanse,
All of the world’s present dysfunction?

To me,
That seems to be an important question,

I therefore believe,
It’s foundational to be mindful,
Or aware,
Of the,


One thought on “Foundation

  1. Thank Goodness that there are caring people like you, Zach, in this world. Actually, I think all people would be happier if they cared for others. Sadly, many are worried or tired or haven’t received the care they need so they don’t have the strength to care for others. May the young girl experience enough kindness from important people in her life to be happy. Maybe both the girl and her mother were very tired — but it would have been better if the mother had given the girl a hug and said what you thought she should have said.

    When someone says “it is in the book” that humans are born evil, I suspect they think it is written in the Bible. Either they haven’t read the Bible or they have misinterpreted what they read. I have read all the books in the Bible and never seen anything that says humans are born evil.


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