If I’m weak they step on me,
If I excel they’re jealous of me,

If I don’t talk they make fun of me,
If I say the wrong thing,
they use it against me,

If I say the right thing,
They shittalk me,

With all the shittalking,
When I’m not around,
They MUST be saying something bashful..

Instead of hopeful,
They make me so despairing..
Suck me into their ego power trip comparing..

When I show autistic characteristics,
They respond like freakin pricks,

When I show signs of more typical behavior,
They think I was “faking it”,
Or they think it was a “misdiagnosis”,
Because as for overcoming it,
Sticking with it,
Regarding the WAY I have and CONTINUE to do it,
They can’t emphasize with it,
Aside from whatever hardship they had,
They haven’t sailed through the same storms,


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