Wishing for more of It

How can I remove my awareness from what is hurting it?
How can I remove my awareness from what is clouding my consciousness?

Do I witness as the energy passes,
I think we can infinitely clearly describe this,

in any of the infinite ways we happen to detach from this..

Just thought I’d post this..


On the tv while playing Klay Thompson’s story I tell a guy we “all have a story”,
And that I was writing a book about mine with autism and the guy just smirked at me,

Clearly Klay Thompson’s is far more important,

And once again the above stanzas show my insecure angry loser energy,
I’ve stepped on,
And no one cares about my atypical challenges but just care about the non-autistic Klay Thompson,

I don’t follow basketball yet my ego would love to have his kind of attention
Wish I was him,
Don’t mean to judge him,
But that spirit,
Whether or not he has it,

I wish to experience more of it

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