Acknowledging It

Regarding my last post,
(And I have now corrected myself by spelling “Klay” instead of “Clay”..)


So.. Regarding what I saw on some sports station while on break at work..

It’s okay if you’d rather hear Klay Thompson’s story instead of a one about atypical (autistic) learning learning challenges like mine..,
I get it..

Having autism and being in the NBA are both atypical,
And sure..
Being in the NBA is (I would guess..) EVEN less (if not far less) typical than having autism,
But what about those who are more challenged in the tough system..?

Klay Thompson definitely had struggles and adversity that I didn’t,
I have had and still have,
The he does NOT have and was NOT faced with,

NOT saying he “had it easy”,
The celebrity basketball player must have had his OWN type of adversity..
as others have in their own ways..
Including Stephen Curry,
And like many if not all of us,

When I tell others that I also have a story,
One about my adversity with autism,
I wish just WISH that others don’t smirk at me..
I wish they didn’t however cruelly dismiss it,
But even if they don’t have interest or enough time to read or however listen to it,
To just,
Kindly acknowledge it..,

I wish they INCLUDED it,

I don’t mean to be angrily judging them for judgmentally dismissing my story,
And of course (as I said) they do NOT have to read it if they prefer not to,
But if I mention it,
I don’t want them to be mean to me about it,

All they have to do is kindly acknowledge it,
It sure is amazing how people like Klay Thompson,
in his own way,
have made it,

But I have been through my own type of shit,
I have had my own type of adversity,
And even though I’m not a celebrity,
Like all others who aren’t either,
We’re ALSO human with our own stories CLEARLY,

And once again..
It’s okay and I’ll try not to judge whoever prefers to not hear about my story..,

But among the least others can do,


(Instead of smirking at my like one guy on break at work today..)



Acknowledge it

2 thoughts on “Acknowledging It

  1. Each and every person has life stories, some of which are painful to experience and remember. We all need to be kind to each other and just listen to other’s stories with empathy, but some people haven’t learned to be kind. You are a kind person, Zach, and I wish others would be kind, too.


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