Can’t Define Me

Whatever the surface says about me,
Such as how it labels me,
Whether it says I have “autism”,
A “good memory”,
“Slow attention”.. or “slow information processing speed”,

Whether the surface says I “struggle to see the ‘big picture’”,
Or that I “take what I hear as concrete”,
Or “literal”..,
And therefore..
“struggle to understand the figurative”,

In my belief..,
As a conscious “wave”,
Existing on the surface of infinitely deeper consciousness,
Or I guess.. ?
As a being,
Existing on the surface,
As a being existing as one physical manifestation,
Of all beingness,

Whatever tests, studies, labels..,
Whatever tries to “define” me as “separate”,
From the infinite beingness I believe to be a part of,
Whatever tests, studies, labels..,
That were created,
from other beings existing on the surface,
Same as me..,
To whatever extent they know it or not,
Can’t categorize,
Can’t separate me,
From all I believe to be a part of,
Which can’t be categorized,
Which I believe to be infinite,
In whatever infinite ways, forms, etc,
That clear, deepen, expand, etc,

In my belief,
Regardless of how much categorization may be needed for helpful organization..,
In my belief..,
Can be categorized,
Or defined as,
“Words that can NEVER capture infinite forms of infinity”,

Therefore I believe,
As a sentient form,
Same as all other sentient forms,
That I believe exist as one form that are a part of,
All infinitely deep forms of infinite life energy,
The word “autism”,
Define me,

To further emphasize how the belief that “nothing can permanently define us” pertains to me,

or whatever word or set of words,
can’t define me merely as words,

Although in my belief,
That if words are used properly,
Words can open to feelings or experiences that words can’t capture merely by words themselves..,

In my belief especially,
Any word,
Or any set of words,
Can’t completely capture (or describe) any or every truth about me,
And I therefore believe the same about every other sentient interconnected individual,

I therefore believe,
The word “autism”,
Can NOT define me,

I believe I’m a part of what can be learned about, experienced and discovered in infinite ways,
That continue,

Or to rephrase that..?
I believe I’m a physical manifestation,
As part of,
That words can’t completely define,


One thought on “Can’t Define Me

  1. Yes, we all are part of life which is amazing and complex. Labels cannot define us. Each of us is unique and yet we all are part of a wonderful whole and we need each other.


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