To me it just often seems that,
The more successful,
The more of a dickhead people become,
If you define success as becoming selfishly locked-in more and more to your own world,
Such as your beliefs,
Ego achievements,
And if you callously disregard anyone who sees different or who you view as “incompetent” or made “worse choices” with ZERO regard to different individual characteristic effects resulting from the same and different life experiences,
(For example..),

To me it just seems that,
Many who become successful,
As for my first stanza’s definition of it,
Are just so closed-off,
Full of judgment,
And don’t emotionally process,
Or choose paths of awareness expansion,
Those who became “successful”,
haven’t felt a need to,
Since they had an easier time fitting into the same unconscious,
inadequately introspective,
inadequately aware society,
So they weren’t weighed down,
By inner painful frustration,
Resulting from not feeling they fit in to the uncontrolled nihilistic energy,
Insensitive and judgmental fixed mentality,
(For example..),

In my belief,
There’s always new internal foundational discovery,
That may benefit any definitions of success there may be,
And hopefully,
We can view success,
And in ways that reduce suffering that is immensely unnecessary,


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