Reasonable or Not

No matter how reasonable or not,
If I’m having feelings that are difficult,
I must NOT suppress,
But instead take a look at them,
In order to clear them,

As I definitely made clear before,
The more I suppress,
The more likely they’ll explode,
The more likely the toxins will,
Destroy me,

Even though I wish I didn’t struggle with hypersensitivity,
I still must cleanse and know how to prevent inevitable meanness from others destroying me,

Since it may come from just about anybody,
Even sometimes from those who I admire who sometimes also may often empathetically support me greatly,

Practically all of us have darkness that fills and comes out of us onto others in unique and varying extents,

So in my belief,
cleansing and strengthening ourselves,
Needs to be remembered,
According to me,

In my belief,
Although we know this,
We need to remember this,
To refrain from toxic forces of unawareness grabbing a hold of us,
And to,
Sustain and increase cleansing and empowering consciousness

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