Even if I can’t sufficiently align with ideas/thoughts,
I still like talking about them,

It gives me something important to focus on,
And although I feel the reasons are obvious I’ll still say that,
It’s largely because I feel it’s more meaningful and deep,
To understand deeper,
Beneath the surface in which we daily go through “the motions” in our own way(s),

So yes,
Even if my posts aren’t that figurative,
Or aren’t that present and/or relaxed,
Or even if they unintentionally,
uncontrollably obsessively over-explain,
In vain,
for my ego to try to compensate to a degree it sees fit and/or possible, Such as trying to sound very insightful,
Such as sharing what I view as helpful for myself and/or others to remember from what I feel I learned from,
My personal atypical struggle,

I’ll keep trying to share when I feel it’s reasonably appropriate,
My explainings of ideas/thoughts and/or feelings,
In those moments of writing,
“See fit”

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