Less Personal

I wish it was that easy,
To not take social interaction reactions seriously personally,
And just witness the reactions react without becoming emotionally destroyed by the reactions,

People will always judge, dismiss and talk shit, Without ever understanding their part in the dysfunctional bullshit,
And there ain’t shit I can do about it,
And of course blowing their heads off, or somehow harming/killing them, won’t help them further clearly understand and/or emphasize with my frustration, Nor will it help create, grow and sustain a collective vision, On how to heal more and more of it,

So cultivating better energy to emanate wherever and whatever I’m doing in society may be all I can do yet it won’t come close to being enough, So ideally I continually hope for better and better karma, Hopefully aligning with better and better energy will lead me to less and less suffering someday, in whatever form, in whatever dimension, wherever in whatever universe, And I still struggle to work on myself, Due to my lack of confidence, resulting from my built up insecurity, Which I largely blame due to my condition and how others treated me instead of offering supportive energy.. etc, etc,

And of course, For someone like me, The culture I’m in, Makes it very unnecessarily challenging perpetually,

Yet, To me, It’s just reactions,
And if I keep accepting them as just reactions,
Regardless of how much they harmfully intend,

Just maybe..

Over time I’ll get less offended,


I wish,
Just detaching,
And/or just..,
Entailed less struggling,

As I have been,
I plan to,
Keep going

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