To Be Real

To be real,
I’d just like to throw my belief out there that,
Being “real” does NOT mean being an asshole,
It does NOT mean to be excessively,
judgmentally negative,
Such as being excessively negative unlike our unaccessed,
Helpful and therefore POSITIVE true,
Or REAL nature..,

(As sentient beings manifesting out of life energy, etc, etc, etc..)

Yet to be real,
Since the internal seems to be what is foundational,
With all the inner negativity that shapes what we emanate and come to view as “authenticity”,
The unconscious excessive negativity many of us seemingly unconsciously develop and carry..,
Only seems to view being real as “negative”,
Since negative energy feeds off of negative energy,
Since irrational negative energy,
Only relates with..
Or only “feels”,
Irrational negative energy..,
Since it can’t feel positive since it is negative..,
(I think..?),

And if we REALLY cleansed ourselves..
Just maybe,
What is real,
Might be less bad..?
Maybe we’ll be less mad..?

And maybe we’ll pass less negative judgment(s),
And maybe more of us will actually be positively inspired to focus on needed development (to of course facilitate needed development.. hence negativity weighs us down internally..)..
As for the negativity that’s been contaminated in me..
It says,
(To whatever extent wrong or right),
This won’t happen..,
The negativity in me says that..,
“Humans beings will destroy themselves”,
As unconsciousness grows in us,
As unconsciousness divides us,
As unconsciousness feeds off an angry group mentality and judges outsiders in what seems to be known as the “them” category..,
For reasons such as,
Our external seeking ego impulsively conveniently feeds off of feeling good by feeling better than others of the “them” category,
And in its collective ego group among other insatiable insecure egos,
It gets an emotional high off of feeling connected and better than others,
(In addition to hating what if excessively (and therefore unconsciously/irrationally) fears..),
And this escapist high causes it to dismiss critical thinking,
Because critical thinking does NOT appear to be as quickly and conveniently gratifying..,
The more people (including myself),
Who put in the work to inwardly cleanse themselves,
The more they realize that putting in the work was less painful than not putting in the work..,
Especially since..,
The work I put in,
Was meant to make me feel better..,
Or at least,
That my life and struggle is more worthwhile..,


And evidently,
Negativity does not seem to help the reality,
No matter how negative the reality,

So I think it’s good to remind ourselves to check in,
With how our inner energy,
Is affecting our present reality,
And maybe..,
Just maybe,
We’ll realize what we must do differently,
To experience any moment reasonably more gratifyingly..?

And even though this is NOT easy,
I feel,
That negativity,
Never helps me heal,
Any level or type(s) of negative and unnecessarily excessively painful experience,

To be real

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