Free me

I just..

Don’t know what’s the best way to proceed down ?
As for finding the words to describe this I don’t know..?

I think I know,
But feel too uncertain,
No matter which way I choose to..
Yes I know you know I was going to end that with “GO”..

No shit..


I want to fit in with those around me,
But like..


If most aren’t “enlightened” enough of the time..
Do I risk trying to better or further “enlighten” myself..
by myself?

Can I succeed at “what’s best for me”,
While being..
“Alone in my efforts”?
Assuming I won’t ever find a helpful trustworthy “like-minded” community..,


I wish someone could just..

Make it clear for me,
So I could just do what..
Will preferably free me from all this damn unconsciously built-up insecurity,

Or free me of enough “unconsciousness”,

Essentially ?

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