Unaware Sentient Manifestations

Even though it’s my ego,
That wants to get back at those who wronged me,

Even though it’s my ego,
Who clings to what others did to me,

Even though,
The consciousness I can feel more and more,
Is far deeper,
Than my surface level,

There’s still that pain I feel,
There’s still those conditioned and surrounding forces of ego that inhibit my ability to inwardly heal,

There are those,
Who dismiss what I experienced,
By in their egos,
Calling it a “victim mentality”,

There are those,
Who will believe I was born with,
A victim mentality,
Before what made me a victim,
Occurred to me,

There’s still that pain,
Understanding is infinite,
I don’t believe there’s a perfect metaphor to describe it,
Yet my ego really hopes,
What I’m trying to say here,
Adequately leads to some understanding of it..,

There’s still that pain,
Which I carry with me,
And which inhibits continually,
My inner capability,

Resulting from,
Those who impinged,
My development,

Resulting from those,
Who Interrupted,
Became irritated,
And corrupted,

And if I try,
To afflict vengeance,
I’d be the one who receives the sadistic punishment..,
While those who got by with what they did,
continue to..,
Take off with their successful careers,
With whom they share deep connections,

And their insatiable collective egos may still get a high,
Interrupting other learning challenged folk’s attention spans from developing,

Egos will take off,
Continue experiencing life beautifully,
While other egos are here,

Being held back by obsessive insecurity,
Fear of collective cancel culture,
And those who torture one and however many other(s)

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