Realizing Addition(s)

“Realizing Addition(s)”

I often feel,
That when others say they..,
“Feel me”,
I don’t feel it to be true,
Is it them who doesn’t feel me?
Is it me?
I just can’t sufficiently spot the disconnect?

I’ll have one beer,
Then another month or so,
Have more,
While knowing I’m killing of brain cells to kill social anxiety,
I’ll get drunk on four drinks,
Then five,
Then the requirement will be “six”,
Because a “six pack” is built for a “man”,
As one man seemed to imply,
I wish him well,
He’s been through a lot,
He’s a good guy,
And a favorite music group of mine (the Dubliners) has a song called “seven drunken nights”,
And was it just a joke??
I don’t know??
But I’m like..

I liked the lyrics,
But if I want to experience states of awareness,
That in my belief,
Produce the best creativity,
I will take the lyrics of whoever is my favorite creative artists,

Yeah I know,
When we realize that,
The more we wonder when the next time we’ll get to drink is,
The more it’s best to slow down

(Source, “The Dubliners”, YouTube, “Paddy Berry” (uploaded 4/9/09)

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