Regaining Trust

Although SOME teachers’ actions,
May not morally align with what they teach,
I believe all of us,
Can put lessons we learned,
Inner realizations we acquired,
Into practice,
More deeply,
In ways,
That’ll suit our changing capabilities,

Assuming we’re,
doing that already,

Inner contracting,
And how my narcissistic self feels like posting,

As for anyone,
Such as myself,
Who has gotten easily frightened of the possibility of uncontrollably increasing excruciating world disorder,

May we remind ourselves to,
And exhaling,

If ya can’t breathe there’s nothing I can tell ya..,

Whether our behavior is,
“Nature, nurture or both”,
To me they all seem to clearly imply,
That whatever we do is out of our control,

May you stay safe,
Stay well,
Remain kind and productive,
And keep spotting..,

Help me rhyme this..,

Ohh.. oh..
To be peacefully cooperative,
We must realize how we’re not irritating those we rely on,
I think you know,

And I’ll remind myself,
To remain creative,
Without being destructive,
While remaining productive,

And tell myself,
That I’m thankful,
For the quiet comfortable inner space I’m in,

So thank you,
To anyone who came before me,

Thank you to all of you,
Who has provided,
Is providing and will continue to provide for me,

So thanks to the teachers,

Because we all learn from somewhere,
Whether it’s private,
In the Constitution,
Or in an ass backwards institution, etc, etc, etc,

I just want to say,
Just do whatever you can,
To fight pollution,

And even if I’m struggling to do “all that”,
Avoid what you know you must,
And hopefully,
Us humans,
Will regain,
More trust

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