Continually Changing

A present understanding I have that I would guess is at least somewhat accurate is,

The more my ego mind,
Wants to prove,
The more my ego mind,
Wants to film itself,

And to me it seems,
The more others discover what my ego filmed,
The more I lose privacy,

And I fear that,
Somehow will open a door,
For any others,
To use whatever I film myself doing,
Against me,

And sometimes,
In my belief,
Our narcissism may then make us believe,
That all the video footage we put out,
Will make other unconscious manifestations jealous,
Which may make us fear,
That others may want to,
Put us out,

If I say,
That I feel that the “world is against me”,
I believe I would MOST LIKELY MEAN,
It MOST LIKELY does NOT mean that “everyone knows me”,
But that there are OTHER sentient manifestations of unconsciousness that became unconsciously lost that way dangerously worse than the worst parts of me,
Who feel they been unfairly wronged by society,
Far deeply WORSE than me,
And are now jealous of me,
And might therefore be,
Trying to come torture,


Sometimes if not often,
My imagination,
Frightens me,

Even if there are others who had an exactly different education than me,
Even if there are others who had immensely worse experiences than me,
I hope I feel more safe,
Fair and peaceful,

I know that those who I never seen before are not thinking,
“Oh that’s Zach!!”

Yet to me it seems,
As I’ve discussed,
Or implied (I think),
The more I lose sleep,
The more my mind,
Is likely to,
Fall even further behind,

I feel a need to remind,
To notice,
What my mind needs to,
Yet does not presently notice,

Such as my inhaling and exhaling,
And all of matter and space,
That I believe to be a part of,
As it remains continually,

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