More And/Or Less

I can’t ever tell who is most deserving,
Because as for most (if not everyone),
I did not see,
And I did not inwardly feel,
The way they felt in response,
To their experience(s),

I don’t know,
The levels of all types of inevitable pain anyone has experienced,

And I don’t know,
Anyone’s ability,
To selflessly,
Pull themselves out,
Of their,
So I don’t know what is a fair,
Level of entitlement(s)?

I guess any human being,
(And/Or any type of being),
Is complicated,
In ways,
Beyond what any being,
Can see on the surface,
My hope is,
That enough discover and maintain their inner foundational roots of peace,

Because it seems to me,
That if we have peace inside,
Peace will emanate outside,

I guess,
If we had the same exact life experience(s),
The same reactions and/or responses,
Same capabilities,
Etc, etc,
Then if one person,
Is accessing more wealth and resources per hour,
Than another person who ALWAYS,
Tries just as hard can access in their lifetime,


Of course I believe the interconnected systems must further balance,
Of course people must acknowledge each other and be held accountable,

(Random notes: January 2019 article:,
Another link:

You can research current events,
I would guess?
To me it seems,
They’re always changing like a current,
That’s out of our control,
That’s how I feel in this moment anyway,

If you have more power and control than me,
I really hope,
That you are aware,
Of how you are affecting,
Those with my present awareness and capability,

And instead of looking for a savior and not working,
I believe,
We must instead seek to contribute what we know we can,
And to always remember to try to safely improve,
Regardless of how much our abilities increased or decreased,
Regardless of what we have been diagnosed with,

Because I believe in the right to privacy,
Because in my belief,
(And because I have to keep acknowledging that what I say I believe might differ than what you believe..),
Because IN MY BELIEF we can NOT know how much pain any other sentient life manifestation feels,
In response to the same or different experiences,

So I’d say that I believe,
We’ll never know,
Who is to any extent(s),
Less deserving,

And (in my belief),
If we want to film ourselves all the time to PROVE everything we ever did,
Privacy we will lose all the time,
That is something in my belief,
That enough beings remember,

To me it seems,
We just have to keep improving trust,
And holding ourselves and others accountable,
By continually discovering what is most inwardly peaceful,
In order to keep discovering ways in which we are capable

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