Wherever Any of You Are

Or however often,
The more pressure,
I feel to stay focused,
And never get offended,
The more robotic I become,

Or however often,
To keep achieving efficiently faster,
Causes me to lose sleep,

Or however often,
My clinginess,
To hurtful,
past social experience(s),

Or however often,
I feel,
Forces of awake unawareness,
Suck me even deeper,
into my head,
Causing me to,
deeper and more deeply,
Uncompassionately and judgmentally,
On what I then perceived to be,
To whatever emotional degree in me,
the mean stuff others (however directly or indirectly) said,
To me,

Or however often,
The more I feel a need to block out emotion,
The more I lose confidence on regaining that emotion,
The more I feel,
Based on my present assumption(s),
About my present,
That artificial intelligence,
Is what needs to revive the human spirit in me,

And I especially feel this way,
Due to stereotypes “based on what I’ve heard” about autistic people like me,
“Not having empathy”,

To me,
It does seem obvious that hard-copied labels are understandings formed in the external,
That we can not prove were formed in the internal,

In my belief,
(For example),
Whatever we view as,
Majestic and beautiful,
All seem to stem from a growing infinite root,
And/or web(?),
That is all happening,
In whatever solid,
Etc, etc,

And even if before this happening was just “empty space”,
In my belief(s),
The empty space was energy,

And yes,
I feel a need to share my beliefs,
So for any who may witness my actions,
And wish to judge and punish me severely,
May at least in that moment see,
As they may manipulate the rules of accountability,
To realize that,
They just don’t know my INDIVIDUAL history,
Because they don’t know how I responded to experience internally,

And how can they spy,
On the infinitely deep happenings,
Of my inner mental and physical feelings,

As always,
I hope this was worth reading,

Wherever any of you are,
May you stay strong,
On your journey

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