In Some Way

I feel that,
Since I can’t clearly see,
Most others looking deeply,
I don’t feel they can clearly see,
What I have to express,
That come from deep feelings,
That come from deep pain,
I feel to experience,

I believe,
As they continue to criticize,
They fail to realize,
Not only what I’m feeling,
But capabilities within themselves,
They could be deeply appreciating,

Trying to block out discomfort,
Makes me too uncomfortable,

Inwardly running away,
Shutting myself down,
As you may guess,
Makes me feel down,
And doesn’t help,
me rise up,

I have true compassion,

And other times,
I hate,
Yes.. that most others don’t appear to relate..
But that,
I feel,
That most others don’t look,
To be around someone,
Who tries,

To look deeply,

Such as me,

And of course,
It’s how I believe I often feel and see,

I still can’t tell,
If I’m looking the right way,
Nor how lost I am,
In a harmful,


Once again,
I feel to be,
Passing through,

In some way

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