Seeing Differently


I try to be,
As open minded as can be,

Yet when I obsessively,
Try to learn about paths that don’t speak to me,
I feel inner pain such as,
And a deepening lonely disconnection,

To speak for myself,
And for whoever else may agree..?
I understand it’s not easy to tolerate others with different beliefs,
I understand it’s not easy to have compassion for those who oppress us,

Of course I’m NOT saying to accept any forms of oppression,
How can we alleviate our inner pain?

To find and cultivate,
More tolerance,
And let go of the barriers of fear and hate,
To increase a possibility,
Of coexisting more peacefully,
Even if we completely can’t relate??

I just want to add that,
Anyone who wants to punish me,
Due to seeing and believing differently,
I have to ask once again..,


How do you expect punishment to help me?

How do you expect a SEVERE punishment to teach me and not SEVERELY damage me?

How do you expect punishment to help me see the way you see?

How do you expect punishing me will help me empathize with you to a needed degree,
To help sustain whatever civilized sentient society??


Just don’t put me in a “disbelieving”,
“evil”, “THEM” category!!

(Source: Mark Manson, “Everything is F*cked”, (2019), pages 96-98)


Staying safe from those who believe in harming anyone who “disbelieves” isn’t easy,
And I’m struggling to accept,
Who’s belief,
Is to whatever degree,
Harm me,

To speak for myself,
It’s AIN’T always easy,

When we see,


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