On and On

I just feel that many people don’t know,
How what they do,
Causes me to feel so brutal,
Yet they still expect me,
To easily,
Remain peaceful,

Instead of fairly reciprocating,
the respect I give,
To varying degrees,
People unconsciously act hurtful,
While expecting me,
To just shrug off,
How they hurt me,
And they expect me to,
remain peaceful,
As if nothing painful,
Occurred to me,

As for all they did to me,
All the fakeness,
And lies that they gave me,
They expect me,
To just,
“Let it go”,

I just can’t believe it,
I just can’t believe,
That people don’t see,
How it is the AFFECT me,

And they just expect me,
To remain peaceful,
As if they “haven’t done a thing to me”,

I can go on and on,
As people won’t change,
And as,
They’ll keep doing what they do to me,

On and on,


I find it,


It gives me pain,


Yet they expect me,
To NOT hate,

Yet they expect me,
To NOT get angry,

Yet they expect me,
To act,
As if they do nothing,

To me

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