Patience Especially

Even though,
I can’t expect whichever others to agree,

Even though I struggle with my atypical “autistic” condition ongoingly,
I want to thank,
All the work my mom has done,
On herself,
To do her best,
That I have as much freedom,
And opportunity,
And have whichever of my needs met,
As for what that may and continue to be,

Thank you mom,
For your patience,
With me and my neurodivergent struggles,
Thank you,
For your patience,

Regardless of all my failures,

I believe,
Many other moms,
may have,
With whatever intention(s),
To whichever degree(s),
Wouldn’t have wanted me,
Wouldn’t have done,
helped me,
And been there for me,
When I needed it,

Thank you mom,

For having empathy,
In a society,
That doesn’t feel I have,
Nor believes that I can access,
and develop,

Thank you for doing,
All you can,
And all you continue to do,
To protect me,
From our hardass society,
Which as you know,
Most probably,
Would’ve killed me,

Thank you,
For your patience,


Thank you for patience,
Which others did not have for me,

Speaking for myself obviously,
You have done so so much,
That words can NEVER,
Describe precisely,

And thank you,
For sticking to doing what you truly feel is best for me,
Even when I’m making stuff hard for you,
And others,

Thank you,
For your strength,
For your patience,


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