When I treat them, How they treat Me

(Beginning draft.. such as many of my posts)

I think that,
I feel that,

Many who laugh at me,
Don’t like it when I laugh at them,

Many who are honest with me,
Don’t like it when I’m honest with them,

Many who boss me around,
Don’t like it when I do it to them,

Many who have power over me,
Don’t want to consider distributing power equally,

Many who I follow orders from,
Can’t stand it,
When I’m the one making decisions,

Many who I do stuff with and for even when I don’t want to,
Can’t stand it,
When I suggest,
What I want,

Many who I listen to vent,
Just don’t want to hear it,
When I do it,

Many who don’t arrive on time,
Express hate when I show up late,

Many who ghost me,
Don’t like it,
When I ghost them how they ghost me,

Many who I been there for,
Just want me,
To get over it,

Many who criticize me,
Can’t take criticism from me,
They criticize me for not taking criticism,
However directly,
Or indirectly,
Such as blaming me for my struggles with hypersensitivity,
Instead of being honest about,
Instead of emphasizing with,
How they actually treat me,

Many who tell me to get me shit together,
Don’t want to join,
Nor support,
Me in my efforts,

Many who preach to me,
Don’t have and consideration,
For what is true to me,

Many who give advice to me,
Don’t want to hear any considerations from me,

Many who I emphasize with,
Dismiss me,
When I try kindly,
Opening to them,

I can keep going on and on with examples..,
It’s just that,

Many don’t like it,
When I treat them,
the way they treat me,
Even though I often feel that,
I’m the one,
Neuro-divergent struggles such as,
Emotional hypersensitivity,

I can’t avoid all of them,
I can’t change them such as how they treat me,
If I keep following my truth the way I see fit,
There may eventually,
Be less,
Harmful pain,
Within me


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