Being hyper-aware,
Has felt,
Too much to bare,

Thank you,
For being there,

Is a term I learned,
From someone I know,
Who has been there,
For me,
When I needed care,

Thank you,
For feeling me,
Thank you,
For finding,
And utilizing the strength,
To NOT use,
The struggles you see in me,
Against me,
Yet instead,
And help me,

I know as you said,
I don’t need to thank you,
I know I may not be following suggestions precisely,

Thank you man,
For understanding me deeply,

Instead of against me,
Thank you,
For using your awareness,

To be there for me,

I know your busy,
This, that and whatever it may be,

Hearing your words,
Mean so much to me,

Thank you,
For being there for me

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