Although I can NOT speak for You

As for this post,
I use the capitals with good intention,
To attempt to catch attention,

Okay let’s begin:

Although (in this context) I can NOT speak for you,
NOR must anyone,
Except for you,

I wish you were here,
I wish there was more I got to know,
I wish your memory came back,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
I remember angst I felt we used to share,
However here and there,
I remember when I felt you were really there,
I remember your experiences,
You used to share,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
Although I haven’t been through what you been through,
Although you sometimes made me feel guilty,
I feel there’s that part of me,
That’s understands deeply,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
I wish more knew,
All you been,
And whatever you may be going through,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
I hope they are caring for you,
In your care home,
In your home country,
Which I visited in 2003,
Although those memories,
Seem to be leaving me,
It sometimes,
Deeply gets to me,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
I remember,
When teaching me how to drive,
After I had road rage,
You warned me,
That there would come a day,
When you wouldn’t be with me,

Oh if you could see,
How crazy they drive,
Even if not in an emergency,
Oh if that awareness,
Felt to be,
With me,
And although I struggle,
Thank you for not only suggesting,
Yet being an example,
Of deeply practical,
Defensive driving,
Although I can NOT speak for others,
Although I can NOT (as I’ve heard said) “pave the world leather”,
I wish more,
Would learn from your example,
And I wish,
There’s was greater appreciation,
Greater recognition,
For those who lack needed recognition,
For those in a however deep,
I appreciate,
Your appreciation,
I’d say,
It helped leave an important,

Although I can’t speak for you,
Thank you,
Thank you,

Although I can’t speak for you,
I remember at the age of three,
First meeting you,
Even though you knocked over my block tower,
I never expected,
The amazing step-father,
You’d be for me,
In addition,
To how all my parental figures,
Have prepared,
Worked and provided for me,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
Even when the dementia progressed,
Even when you were seemingly (to me) losing your ability to verbally communicate,
I still felt,
There were moments,
When you would,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
Even though my learning disabilities,
My emotional sensory overload,
My obsessive compulsive behavior,
Seemed to (as I’d guess (?)),
Annoy you,
I’m deeply grateful,
For you,
Making it through,
All you been through,
And what you went through,
To help me,
In addition to your special Ed students,
Prepare themselves,
To discover more capability,
For whatever they may have been facing,
Or may face,
In the “neurotypical” reality,

And thank you,
For helping me,
Make it though,
So much of the school work I was struggling with,
Thank you for your patience,
Which I did NOT feel to often see in others,
Although I can’t speak for them,
I feel,
You were among the strongest,
Most patient,
Of them,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
Although there’s so much more I may have to say,
Although I wish I could express gratitude in a clearer and clearer way,
Although I wish more stories would come,
And be here to stay,

I’d say it’s appropriate for me to say,
You really have done,
So much,
I wish we were able to remain more in touch,

Although I can NOT speak for you,
Although there are so much I may never know,

I hope,
To access,
To share,
And to continually,
Profoundly develop,
The strength,
The awareness,
The courage,

That I saw in you,
Regardless of how I may see,
And even though I can NOT speak for you,
Even though,
I never know when and where we’ll continue to go,

I hope,
To keep going,
To keep posting,
Or however sharing,
How I come to view and see,
Largely because of the awesome step-father,
You’ve been to me,


On your journey

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