Same Old

I also tried,
So hard to make it work,

I guess once again,
It just,
Wasn’t meant to work,


With all the work,
To hear,
To communicate,
To connect,
To keep showing respect,

It just,
Wasn’t meant to be,

I’m gonna miss those times at the bars,
The beach,
The road trip,
When I just got away,
When I just,
In my own way,
got away,

And now I’m back,
Same old Zach,
Same old isolation,
Same old obsessive compulsive juggling video fixation,

Same old expectation,
Of feeling inevitable rejection,

Same old attempts to compensate,
For what I see in myself,
That I hate,

Same old dreams,
Of a day,
When others see,
Something good in me,
That’s more than just a person,
With a,


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