End Note

How can I focus on what I’m doing,
If I’m distracted by,
Obsessively thinking,
About ending,
On a “good” note?
Or “good terms”?
Whatever are the “best”,


How can I enjoy the moment,
If I’m focusing,
On what others will think of me,
Such as,
My “legacy”,
My story,
Or however they’ll view me,
When I’m gone..,
If I’m obsessively focusing,
On ending,
On a good note?

How can I chill out,
If I’m worried about,
How and what others will think of me?
What they’ll say about me,
If I’m obsessively,
Worried about ending on a bad note?

How can I,
Let go,
Let be,
And just get in sync,
On the same page,
And NOT force the current,
If I’m excessively focused,
On how to end it..?

Screw that,

I just try to,
Witness the sensations,
While remembering,
And keeping,
A warrior spirit,

Even though I feel,
I’m pretty bad at being present,
I still try to remind myself,
To stick with it,

Instead of trying to unquestionably conform,
Excessively please,
Excessively suppressing it,
Then abruptly,
Explosively losing it,
I just,
Feel I must,
Trying to,
Witness the sensations,
Such as,
My natural inhale,
And exhale,
Remaining in alignment,

With my,

Warrior spirit

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