The Little they Know

I have so much built up emotion,
That when I try to communicate,
Interferes with my thoughts,
Then my words give the wrong impressions,
Causing others to make assumptions,
Causing them to distance themselves from me,
Causing them to not want to hire me,
Causing them to,
Not trust me,

The anger..,
Those who I feel hurt by,
Have more power!!

How they expect me,
To just let go all the emotional pain they triggered in me,
Due to my greater than usual emotional-hyper-inner-reactivity,
The unconscious forces of bullying just love to toy with me,
And now they have positions of authority,
And how they say it’s “my fault completely”,
The little do they know about the history I carry with me,

And they expect me,
Just to let it go,
And focus on an entry level career,




Although they’ll say they didn’t mean what they did,

Little do they know,

Little they know

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