Recieve and Give

Even though you were in fourth grade when I was in third,
Even though you said some stuff to me,
One that really sticks with me that succeeded all you did to me,
Such as how your leadership excluded me from the “Bubblegum club” at the YMCA,

I wish..,
I wish you were here,
And I wish we could’ve had a talk,

But now that you’re gone,
Wherever your spirit is,
In whatever shape and form,

Even after all those memories,
That I still carry with me..,

I still,
Want to now say,

Blessings on your journey,

Wherever your spirit is,

I hope you feel better,

I hope you receive and perpetuate spirit,
That helps yourself and others,
Even the more vulnerable,


I just, Don’t know what to say,

I guess,

The spirit we receive and give,

I hope it heals,

I hope it heals

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