Same Label, Different Experience

I feel:

I could have experienced,
The same experience(s),

Oh I feel there’s always more factors to consider,
And I can always communicate clearer..,

I feel:

Maybe for some,
“On the spectrum”,
Was a “blessing”,

Yet for me,
I feel I been through,
So much excessive pain and struggling,

I believe that,
No matter how different or similar we are,
No matter how others may want to “categorize” us,
No matter how we and others view ourselves,

I feel,
To whatever extent(s),

We have our own type(s) of experience(s),
Our own types of reactions,
And development such as inner awareness cultivation,
(Etc, etc, etc..),

Others may consider “Asperger’s Syndrome”,
Or “mild-autism”,
Or being “on the spectrum” to (for example) be a “blessing”,


Regardless of whatever they been through and are going through,
Including those NOT “on the spectrum”,

I feel,
Because of whatever there may be to increasingly consider,
Being “on the spectrum”,
For me,
Has quite often felt to be,
Too much of a struggle,
Too damn frequently,


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