Same Wish

I try,
So hard,
To communicate,
And I feel,
That so many,
Don’t relate,

I try so hard,
To be heard,
Yet I feel,
That so many others,
Just don’t understand,

I feel,
That many,
Immensely and excessively,
Keep responding with advice and criticism,

I feel,
That many,
Keep making me feel bad for stuff I struggle to do,
Instead of empathizing with how much I struggle at doing what I need to,
They’ll just remind me that I need to “do it”,
And the criticism I feel,
Just gives me more to carry,
As I struggle through it,
As I struggle to continue holding my head up,
As I struggle to do what I see fit,

I wish,
That I didn’t feel what’s hard,
To be harder than necessary,

I wish,
That others,
Would just help make what’s painful,
Feel less painful for me,
And I guess it’ll also be easier for them?
Assuming they’ll have less painful energy internally,
So what they’ll inwardly cultivate,
And emanate,
Will hopefully be less painful,

And I feel,
It’s hard,
Since to me,
This does NOT,
Feel to be,
The reality,

It’s hard,
When I feel,
I can’t access the warrior spirit in me,

It’s hard,
When I feel I struggle more than necessary,
And it’s hard when I feel,
Others are making it harder for me than it needs to be,

I guess this comes back to my wish for there to be,
Less painful,
Or however one may put it


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