Taking a Look

If done correctly,
I would say (in my belief),
That processing,
Is supposed to help us inwardly discover,
Inner strength building,
Such as bad energy clearing,
Instead of causing us to start,
“making a big deal about everything”,

If there’s more processing,
I’d say there would more likely be,
Consciousness expanding,
And awareness of whatever we are doing,
Such as how we are affecting others..,
(And especially (and therefore) ourselves),
And instead of being unconsciously corrupted,
Our processing (hopefully) may show us,
What it is,
We’re doing,
How we can be improving,
Capabilities we can be utilizing,
I hope it’s reasonably clear,
What I’m attempting at expressing..,

Just saying,
(To repeat, remember and/or empathize),
That I believe,
Taking an inner,
Sensitive look,
Is not supposed to “derail”,
Yet help us,
In whatever way(s) to whatever extent(s),

Even though I feel I obsessively explain in detail,
I just hope,
That anyone reading understands..,


And similar to what I said in my (as of now) most recent post titled “Living in the Past”,

People may tell me,
That I can’t move forward,
If I,
“Live in the past”,
And well (in my belief),
If I don’t take a look at what happened,
Then how will I learn my lesson?

(Not saying there’s one way to learn, (nor saying anyone was saying or assuming anything.,)),

Yet as for this context,
What (I often feel) went wrong in my past,
And how do I improve it..,
Is crucial,
Take a look at,

I get it,
I do NOT want insecure pain (from getting bullied (for example)) derailing me and making me..,
Irreparably insane,

Sometimes it is painful revisiting my past,
And yet,
Since I choose to write about it,
I try asking myself:

What can I learn from it?
What can I document from it?
What can I share,
That’ll help prevent it from recurring,
How do I prepare myself,
And stay strong in it,
If to whatever extent(s) in whatever old and/or new forms,
I happen to relive any of it,


I’d guess..,
Many may still dismiss what I’m saying,
As for moving forward and doing what I want to,
At least one of those things,
(Regardless if others acknowledge it or not),


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