Obsessive Compulsive Superstition(s), Inhibiting my Creative Manifestations

Friday the 13th,
616 or 666?
Now what’s wrong with that number?

What is real?
What is imagination?
Can I ever know?
Don’t know?
(Or should I make what I’m trying to say more clear such as by saying “Do NOT know”),
That was an example of OCD (or should I spell out what it stands for??)..,
And that was another example in the parenthesis..,

How it limits my creativity,
Causing me to overthink,
Then less clearly,
And intelligently think,
I think?

Do I have to question everything?
Do I have to follow what makes absolutely NO logical and NO moral sense?
Yet reasons such as that I believe I just,
“Can’t know”,
I’ll try to make sure,
That (as for another example),
The amount of words I have in a post is not a certain number,
Because that can mean something “bad”,
And yes,
it takes spontaneous flow,
And whatever else,
Out of my creativity,
That I could INSTEAD utilize,
For my (in this case) writing ability,
(Such as, if what I feel I conveyed in my best present possible way lands and/or is close to a certain number, then I’ll “have to” try to not land on that number, and therefore making my creativity not as good as it could be (in my belief)),

I just wish I could let go,
And happily,


Such as,
However I express what I understand to be experiencing inwardly,
Without superstition,
Others opinions,
Threats and/or ACTIONS..,
Or whatever it may be,
That inhibits the creation flowing from within,
Then manifesting externally,
For me to share,
And for others to hear,
With the hope that,
It overall,
Helps make whatever it might be,

Less unnecessarily hard,
And therefore,


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