Always appreciate It

I presently feel a need to share that:

Although we both may be somehow,
Although we came from different time periods,
With very different experiences,
And different conditioning developmental surrounding forces,

And although I’ve had lots of build up,
That may have caused me to (here and there) immorally blow up,

I just want to thank you,
For all your efforts,
At supporting me,

We may agree,
We may see differently,
I may struggle to keep up with all the well-intentioned advice you may give me,

For all your support,
And encouragement,
You provide me,

I know I may be far from perfect,
Yet I want to thank you too,
For your (as I feel) good intentions,
And support,
And all else that I could include and more clearly express appreciation for,

Thanks again,
For your comments,




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