Back to the Inner Roots

I feel that an egoic “survival of the fittest” mentality,
May not be used to ONLY justify real survival,
Yet may be used to JUSTIFY bullying,
Such as the bully saying,
“Well you see I needed to ensure he wasn’t a threat because you never know”,
“Welp, he could’ve done more work on himself and let go of his victim mentality”,

And ALTHOUGH they may be right,
Their insatiable,
Traumatized insecure unconscious ego,
I feel,
ABUSE what they believe in to justify their abuse of others,
And they,
Just may,
In their own way,
Justify their victim mentality,

Such as by saying,
“You have to understand! It’s my culture! It’s where I come from! It’s not my fault why I’m this way! Please! Please understand!”,

And I try to empathetically understand,
I feel understanding does NOT instantly heal my inner hurt,

So I once again hope to place emphasis,
On my belief that,
Regardless of whatever we may face and be affected by externally,

I feel,
We may ALWAYS have the capability,
To heal and develop ourselves,
(As what I believe),
In our roots,



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