Returning to my Inner Body

Regardless of varying intent..,
Many others hurt me,
Use my autistic learning disabilities against me,
Some try to rob me,
Woman never prefer me,
And many,
Just expect me,
To remain PC,

I’m excluded from terms of endearment,
I’m not invited,
People judge and distance themselves from me literally and emotionally,
My balls are socially busted disproportionately,
They frequently can NOT stop getting angry and laughing at me,
And I’m STILL expected to remain PERFECTLY PC,

I’ve felt powerless and stepped on for most of my life,
I have very little power,
Highly doubt I’ll ever “get there”,
And I feel instead of helping me and spreading more helpful energy,
(Which may also facilitate inner clearness for better efficiency (?)),
Many people STILL use their confidence to over-power me,
While expecting me,
To remain,

After all they do to me,
That I can go on and on about,
They (meaning many others) expect me,
Always give them the benefit of the doubt,
They expect me to,
Never complain and be a “respectful” citizen,

And OF COURSE I support free,
Equal and humane civilization,
What many keep doing to me,
Just keeps making me so upset,
And they’ll use even ONE WORD I say against me,

And even if I use a SLUR,
I may be referring to ONE person,
In ONE passing state of emotion,
And I may STILL,
Sustain overall peaceful helpful action,
As they remain emotionally distant,
They will NEVER acknowledge all that,
And will instead just,
Loose their shit..,

And due to all I been and go through,
Due to how they frequently treat me,
They do NOT see,
Their irrationality,
In what they expect of me,

And yes I TRY,
To remain PC,
And they just,
Will NEVER see their irrationality,
And as I’ve heard said,
I can NOT avoid forces of irrationality,
And the forces will NEVER be able to compassionately consider my RATIONALITY,

I just feel I must,
Once again,
Notice my inhale,
Exhale and inner sensations,
And accept as they pass,
Adding additional inner tension through resistance of my present inner experience,

And yes,
I feel I cannot change the external,
I feel I can only change myself,
Which occurs,
In the internal,

Speaking for myself of course,

I can NOT always avoid many other’s hurtful irrationality,
I’ll try my best,
To return,
To my,

Inner body

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