Different yet NOT Deficient

If you do NOT want irrelevant information that I compulsively wanted to share,
Then skip this first long stanza (below),
Thanks as always,
For reading:

Apparently (although I now (at least somewhat) corrected it (I think(?))) the WordPress.com computer algorithm(?) did not initially copy and then paste the bold character names/personal-indications for my dialogue in my post “Deeper part(s) of me”,
When I clicked “Paste without Formatting” to post what I therefore titled as “Deeper part(s) of me”, it did not paste (as my ego was expecting) exactly..,
Guess no forms of intelligence are perfect (?),
And may always be better (?),
And aside from infinite examples,
I guess conscious detail..,
May always remain deeper,
I guess I can NOT always trust more knowledgeable and/or quicker information processing forms of intelligence such as an iPhone and/or whatever type of computer and/or whatever the future may have to offer..?
I do appreciate the good HELPFULNESS safe trustworthy artificial forms (or non-human (non-sentient being(?)) forms) of intelligence can and does offer..,
Such as allowing me to make public my written expressive creativity..,

And as for what this post was INITIALLY about..,
As for what I INITIALLY had to say..,

Ya see,
I feel it’s important to focus on literal,
Technical matters,

As I feel:
If we do NOT know how to prevent our emotional chemicals from building,
If we,
Do NOT check on the chemicals that ARE building in us,

There may just be an explosion..,

Especially if between two individuals,
With building emotional unchecked,
Unhealed chemicals..,
There may..,
Just one day..,
Be an explosion..?
And hopefully that does not lead,
Chain reaction,
Of unchecked building then exploding emotion,
Hence maybe we can try to (when needed),
Develop compassion,
To further add to the equation(s)..,

And if others consider compassion as “weakness”,
They can handle themselves the way they see fit,
Their own risk.

And that was my initial post,
Initially titled (if I remember correctly) “At their own Risk”,

And I also want to add that..,
Some may be more equipped,
Yet (I feel) it does NOT mean I can trust them,
And just because I have autism and I’m “different” does NOT mean I’m “deficient”,
And different forms of intelligence may just NOT be able to realize that..,

I may learn differently,
Yet I feel I have quite similar capability..,
Yet unfortunately,
I feel my environment largely improperly handled me,
So in many ways,
Especially SOCIALLY,
I just may have developed quite deficiently..,

Yet others may never see,
Why I am a certain way..,

They just may be dismissively judgmental,
They just will NOT be helpful,
They just will NOT be nice,
They’ll just give me advice,
And be on their way..,

I dream..,
(However I’m labeled as “autistic” or “neurodivergent” or not..),

Of better days

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