However adjusted others Appear

I’d say that I made it clear more than once previously,
That as for experiencing a painful form of struggle(s),
It’s NOT only me,

Yet still,
Aside from my belief(s) that,
Inner development,
Such as processing,
(Or whatever else),
Can help anybody wherever they’re at,
Aside from my belief(s) in the possibility of infinite improvement,

I just wish,
That inner development,
Felt to come easier,

As for processing,
I wish it felt,
Less grueling,

If I’m accurately describing(??)..,

As for me,
Speaking for my experience(s),
I wish my experience(s),
As for trying to develop,
Cultivate and experience,
More peace,
Felt more peaceful,

To be more (as they say) “straight to the point”,
(For me),
I wish that,
Trying to find peace,
In an overall HEALTHY way,
Felt more peaceful,

And even though I may have assumptions,
That cause me to get jealous of those who appear more self-sustaining,
More well-adjusted,
Without seeming to need to try as hard as for inwardly processing and/or however inwardly developing themselves..,


I’d say,
I can NOT totally know what they’re carrying,
I can NOT totally know how hard they’re trying,
And even if they may be financially adjusted,
I just can NOT know..,

How much they truly are,


However adjusted they appear,
I feel,
It’s just never fully clear..,

However adjusted they appear,
I just can NOT ever,
Be fully certain,
Of whatever there is infinitely to discover,
That they may however be inwardly,
Or whatever they’re experiencing,
That I do NOT see,

And since I feel that this is true of everybody,
As for whoever somehow notices me,
I’d say it is therefore,
Also true,
For me,

And as for judging those based on how they appear,
I’d say,
A lot (if not all) of us,
Can use a reminder,
Regardless of however clear,
We may feel,
I guess we can never be totally clear


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