Infinite Extremes of Infinite Spectrums

If this describes how I feel,
I often feel that,
As for a lot:

This is dangerous,
The mainstream may not speak to us,
And those alternative(s) are dangerous,

What is my deepest fear?
What I described in my post called,
“Oven Casket”..,
NOT like I’d prefer,
Whatever others forms of horrific shit,
We may think of,
If that’s a decent way to describe it(?),

Yet I feel there’s infinite spectrums,
Infinite directions,
That are just infinite,

And as for this (I guess negative) context..,
I need to avoid that person for that reason,
And I can NOT trust that other person,
For those other reasons,

And their unique good sides,
May just not manifest,
Frequent enough,
For my ability to manage around them,
To be enough..,


It can get rough..,

I feel I must NOT excessively forget,

If I really dig deep,
I just may discover,
How to arm myself,
How to take cover,
Figuratively speaking,

If ya get what I’m saying,


If not,
No worries,
As always,
Thanks for reading

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