Intention(s) of Explanation(s)

To try be honest and kind (at the same time),
To kindly keep it real in order to help and heal..,
Okay well..,
I often feel:

Some people do NOT want an explanation,
Yet as for me,
I try to consciously understand a situation,
In order to learn how to prevent another painful altercation,
Or how to prevent,
Whatever avoidable unfortunate situation,

Some people want convenient simplification,
Some people want me to tell them how I was “wrong”,
Instead of taking a deeper look at the situation,
To more deeply understand,
And to more deeply prevent,
What went wrong,
From happening again,

As for me,
I always try to,
Taking a look,
At how to truly improve,
Any experience,
Any situation,
Any passing functions,
And/or sensations,

As for my explanations,
I feel I have,
Understandable intentions,

Aside from whatever reasons..,
I just may (try to) offer,
An explanation,
For more,
Deeper understanding,
As for how we,

So essentially..,
As for my explanations,
I try to have,

I just wish people could be kind,
I just wish people could check in with each other,
So stuff does not painfully build and burst,
So stuff does not explode,
So we may carry LESS of an inner painful load in addition to whichever other loads(?),
So we may carry LESS inner weight in addition to any other weight(?)..,

Oh how I wish,
We can all truly discover,
How it can really be better,
If not great..,

Who really wants to hate?
Who really does not want to peacefully relate?
I would say the deeper part(s) of everybody,
Wants peace,
Wants to chill,
Who really wants to hate and kill?
Who really wants to get dependent on harmful pills?
And oh I would agree,
That it may make so many become crazy due to not knowing how to inwardly peacefully respond to the frequent battle up the hills(?),
Yes many may hit an emotional breaking point and forget how to chill..(?)
I would guess that all of us,
Want to chill,

I would guess,
Even that it may be hard(?),
That all of us,


(Source: Eckhart Tolle, “A New Earth” (2005) page 77 (no particular citation format))

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