Always Here

I feel that:

I feel if we have different environmental experiences (in addition to whatever else is different) we’ll end up seeing,
Feeling (and whatever else) differently..,

Maybe I’m obsessively feeling a need to write this so I know it has been written and stored somewhere incase people “forget”,
So yes it’s probably my ego attempting to feel more “secure” and it is an attempt at a slight validation (impermanent) sensation..,
Sometimes I get impulsive..,
Just trying to.. how do I say it..?
Just trying to.. oh forget it..,

And maybe I need to write that (or a lot) in a way that reads “better”..?
GUESS it’s..,

Something I feel a need to remember,
Is that since truth is always there,
It never goes away,

So even if I forget some set of words I planned to write down,
Express or whatever,
At least that whatever I believe as true,
Has ALWAYS been here,
And remains forever,

So I guess I never needed to write anything..,
It’s just something,
That makes me feel good,
Such as feeling gratified..,

As of now..,
I like to write,
Yet I feel..,
I must not forget..,
To always try finding peace,
In any present inevitable,
Present moment

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