Up any Hill

I feel that:

Although there’s NO guarantee,
I feel that it may just be,
More likely,
For me to experience more gratitude,
Or whatever sensation regarded as worth experiencing,
If I properly do,
What I need to,

Although there’s no guarantee,
If I improve what I must,
I guess it’s more likely I’ll feel improvement in areas I was NOT initially expecting,
I just need to consistently,
To the best of my present changing ability..,
I just need to REMIND myself to keep trying the “right thing”,
And hopefully it’ll be beautifully rewarding..,

And yeah I know there is NO guarantee,

Yet I also feel,
Instead of feeling an obsessive need to write every new thing..,

Why don’t I just keep at the right practice,
And in any ways I may ever see fit,
Increase any experience I prefer to experience


I feel I must remind myself,
To do what I must to simultaneously improve everything,
Instead of trying to get to “everything” at separate times..,

Why don’t I just,
Do what will improve the most at once?

And no I do NOT mean multitasking..,
I mean inwardly preparing myself for anything,
And I hope to increasingly improve it,
Whenever the times keep coming..,

I guess I need another reminder to,
“Work smarter and NOT harder”,


I’m just trying to chill,
So I have LESS inner weight,
In addition to whatever I happen to carry,
Up any,

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